Poem every post?

Hey guys! I’m considering putting a poem up every time I post… Just to see what people think! These poems are also mostly on FIGMENT!!!!!!!!! (my link is already in a past post…) Well my first poem already has a like and it’s only been up for a bit… So I guess I’m going to do it anyways! Haha 🙂

Here’s another short one then… By the way,iIt’s called Miles To Cover

If the world was turning faster

Who would we turn to?

When butterflies run and time flies out

Music strums throughout my life

On guitars and pianos, vying for my undivided attention

Tonight believing isn’t seeing

Age is younger than experiences

Miles farther away from feeling is right where we stand

It’s hard to stand the way you watch her

As we dance together,

Sides of the same coin

Intertwined as the world moves…

Spinning faster and faster, lines blurring all the time.



You were plain wrong to judge me

By my appearance.

You were wrong to think you owned me

Simply for your fun.

You were hopeless to believe that I would be

Anything you wanted.

You were stupid to think I wanted you

When all I wanted was to run.

Two Days!

Hey guys! This is the second day this week I’ve been on here… Aren’t you proud? Just kidding. Now to a matter of substance.


A few days ago, I had this idea for a flash-fiction piece about me and my boyfriend. (I wrote almost five pages in less than three hours) I’m considering extending it to a collection of flash-fiction pieces. What do you think? I would use parts of traditional wedding vows (such as ‘To have and to hold,’ ‘for better, for worse’ and in sickness and in health’ etc) as the titles. What do you think? Should I go for it? I think it’s a cool idea, but I’m kind of biased =) since I came up with it. Well… I guess this is goodbye for now! Let let me know what you think! =)



*sigh…* just realizing how much I suck! Haha I haven’t been on here in soooo long! I always mean to check it and write more but I’ve been so busy (with nonexistent issues). Sorry guys. I have a laptop now, so I’ll be able to be on more often, which is definitely a good thing! Well I’ve written a little, gotten a boyfriend (and my first kiss!), and had an amazing Christmas since the last time I was on here…

There’s so much to be thankful for. And I’m reminded of something new everyday to appreciate. Today, I’m thankful that my friends are not bitches and I can always count on them for almost anything. I saw this post on Facebook that was meant to e funny, a friend saying that someone wishes they were them, but then another person barged into the conversation and commented, “No one wants to be you.” Now, maybe this is just me, but I think that’s really rude and just downright mean! Personally, I think my friend is a pretty cool person, so why wouldn’t you want to be him? Recently, people have just made me wonder…

Well, this is my first post in a while so hello again! And sorry for neglecting things for so long! =)


Hey, I know I haven’t been on in a while and I wanted to apologize. I’m going to tell you my pathetic list of reasons why I haven’t bothered coming on here…

1. I was finishing a psychology paper

2. I made a group on Figment for contests that needs a lot of maintenance (it’s called Constant Contests if you want to check it out!)

3. I was busy… :/

4. uh… I’m out.


Recently, I watched the Hunger Games for the first time! I loved it and became a bit obsessed… As I’m sure many people have. I went on Facebook and followed a bunch of Hunger Games pages… Including all the Josh Hutcherson pages! Although I loved him before Hunger Games… ZATHURA! etc. so… yeah. I got the book though, so I’m finally going to be able to read it! That is, when I get enough time and less homework… =/ well… I’ll read it eventually! “Come back to finish me off, sweetheart?” *sigh* #inlove!